Hello everyone!

My name is Paweł Jabłoński and I live in Poland. My home city is Toruń, the gingerbread town, the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus. In real live I am a network driver engineer from embedded to high effective enterprise solutions. In mostly cases I use C at my work but sometimes in past I used so much C++ and some Python. The low level embedded world around networks is my favorite environment where I like to work.

It is me in San Francisco 2017

I made this page for everyone who is fascinating how the CPU works. I started my project at the beginning of 2019. I always wanted to do something big and complicated in embedded world but possible to made by one person. I choose to build a CPU based on TTL chips.

If you want ask for something or only say hello you can send e-mail to me: All questions, comments and ideas are welcome. Do not worry to contact me if you have a simple question or you did not understand something about the project. I will answer to your e-mail and try to dispel any doubts. 2021-2022 © All rights reserved