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Hi everyone!

My name is PaweĊ‚. I made my own CPU and a PC based on the one. I will show you how the CPU works and how you can build it by yourself.

The XiPU is loosely based on MOS 6502. It was my starting point of design my own CPU. For now the XiPU has many differences and it is so much simpler.

Designing and testing took me a year and half. For now I am focused on creating this page and reviewing my own code before publishing.

Some information about the processor:
    - The name of the CPU is XiPU. This is a shorter name of the "XiRX Processor Unit".
    - The XiPU is an 8-bit processor and it has 32 KB of ROM and 64 KB of RAM.
    - The base frequency is 1 MHz.
    - It is full made by using 7400-series TTL chips. I used HCT version of the chips to reduce the power consumption.
    - For communication is used a 16-bit data bus. 8 bits for the input and 8 bits for the output.

The XiPU

Some information about the computer:
    - The PC based on XiPU is named XiPC. This is a shorter name of the "XiRX Personal Computer".
    - XiPC uses the STM32F072 microprocessor as an IO chip for LCD screen, rs232, speaker, RTC clock and keyboard.
    - The LCD screen can show 40 chars in one line. There are 30 lines. It support 16 colors for foreground and 16 colors for background.
    - The speaker can play a simple melody with one sound at a time.
    - The rs232 supports 1200 baud.
    - The RTC clock is build-in the STM32F072 microprocessor with external battery backup.
    - The keyboard is mechanical and specially designed for the XiPC.

The XiPC

In every month I will add more content at this page. A contact to me you can find in "Author" section of this page. I will be grateful for any suggestions and good words about the project.

The XiPU and XiPC projects are fully free to use. You should only leave information about me as the original author.

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